The tax on Housewives: United Russia did not support the initiative of colleagues

the Idea at the legislative level to require Housewives to pay taxes has not found support in “an United Russia”.

“This is a personal position of the Deputy vostretsova. Such ideas the group does not support”, — told RIA Novosti the first Deputy Chairman of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev.

According to him, the party with caution to initiatives to introduce new payments to citizens, so for people it’s a painful subject.

Earlier, state Duma Deputy from the “United Russia” Sergei Vostretsov proposed to equate Housewives self-employed and require them to pay taxes. According to the parliamentarian, at the moment, 28 million working-age citizens who do not belong to any of the privileged categories (the disabled, staying on maternity leave, students, etc.), but do not pay taxes. According to vostretsova, this part of the population “is disrespectful to the good taxpayers” and gets a free service at their expense.