The TFR has completed the investigation of cases of publishing photos of Nazis on the site

Investigators of the IC of Russia completed the investigation of criminal cases about the rehabilitation of Nazism in carrying out the action “Immortal regiment online” concerning 19-the summer inhabitant of Perm Daniel Simanova and 23-the summer inhabitant of Ulyanovsk Vyacheslav Kruglov.

As reported, on may 4, 2020 of Simanov, using the application in social networks, sent to the website “the Memory Bank” the photo of the traitor Vlasov for its translation in the action “Immortal regiment online” along with veterans of the great Patriotic war.

Then Kruglov posted on the website “the memory Bank” application with a photo of Adolf Hitler with the purpose of its demonstration during the broadcast in the action “Immortal regiment of line”.

According to Simanova, he did it to justify the betrayal of an accomplice of the Nazis, Vlasov and his glorification. Kruglov also said that did it for a joke. During preliminary investigation the accused fully admitted his guilt.

Criminal cases sent to the Prosecutor General of Russia for approval of the indictment and the referral of cases to the court.