The woman was in the hospital with a complaint of poisoning, and woke up with a transplanted heart

a Resident of Novosibirsk felt unwell and called an ambulance, thinking that was poisoned. Siberian was somewhat surprised when he woke up from surgery for a heart transplant.

the 55-year-old Tatiana Mankova spent some time in the infectious diseases hospital, then she suspected myocardial infarction, however the study of the coronary arteries ruled out this diagnosis. ECG was indicative of serious disorders in the heart. The patient’s condition was rapidly deteriorating.

the Woman was sent to the national medical research center named after academician Meshalkin, which provide specialized care to patients with disorders of the cardiovascular system. During the week, doctors, toxicologists, infectious disease specialists, allergists and other specialists tried to put Tatiana accurate diagnosis. Ruled out poisoning and inflammation of the heart muscle, but the cause of the pathology has not revealed.

During this time, the woman critically decreased pumping function of the heart and developed multiple organ failure. The patient was connected to a special machine that ensures the work of her heart and lungs. Nevertheless, there was continuing high risk of death of the patient due to intoxication. Salvation for women was a donor heart.

Tatyana admitted that she did not believe my ears when I woke up after the operation.

“I remember it vaguely. Remember how they called an ambulance (thought I poisoning), as were the infectious diseases hospital, was redirected to City hospital No. 1, she said. – And the next moment I open my eyes in intensive care. I say: “Hello, you are at the Center Meshalkin, you performed a heart transplant”.

Tatiana was discharged after two and a half months after surgery. After the treatment, she can return to normal life.