These crimes have no Statute of limitations: the General-the Colonel of the terrorist attack in Budennovsk

“I’m proud of that Western group, which I commanded, was the first to obisnuia of the terrorist Basayev. He crawled like a wounded smelly dog. He broke the basic commandments of Russia — Holy attitude to pregnant women. To attack the hospital… What is he a Democrat? He’s a bastard and scum!”, — said in a live TV channel “Russia 1” the Chairman of the Russian state Duma Committee on defense, the hero of the country, Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov.

25 years ago, it was one of the most terrible terrorist attacks in our country’s history: the Chechen militants led by the terrorist Basayev seized a hospital in Budyonnovsk. The bandits were in the city and enough hostage all who came across under a hand. And those who did not obey were shot on the spot. The victims of those bloody days were 129 people, more than 400 were injured. Terrorist attacks of such scale Russia has never known.

According to Vladimir Shamanov, the leaders of the countries that have entered then with Basayev in the negotiations and called his friend Basayev, has violated the ancient truth: when guns speak, the rulers are silent.

“Soldiers, “alpha”, professionals of the highest class, were in the same flight from the destruction of the pack, but they are not allowed to do. We will never forget Budennovsk! These crimes have no Statute of limitations: destroyed and will destroy the carrion, for the benefit and peace of the people of Russia”, — said the hero of Russia.

Colonel-General recalled that during the time of Gusinsky and Berezovsky-controlled media has been created about the myth of military personnel of all power structures, bringing constitutional order in the Northern Caucasus. “We need to conduct a powerful information verification of information that is still stored from the time and clog the head, primarily our youth,” said the Shaman. He stressed that the army and security forces did not fight with his people. Russia was the first successfully repelled the onslaught of international terrorism in the North Caucasuse and defended its sovereignty, which is now secured.

“We must remember that in addition to Budennovsk was and Beslan and Volgograd, Moscow and many other cities. We must not repeat mistakes, and are obliged to provide to the people of Russia, the free development and prosperity. This is the revival of Russia and hate the Western “well-wishers”, — said Vladimir Shamanov.

Recalling the bloody events of 25 years ago on the territory of the Chechen Republic and adjacent subjects, Colonel-General noted that Russian military leaders at the time had serious doubts. “The army’s standing was at its lowest point, but when the question arose about the fate of the Fatherland, young men showed courage, heroism and professionalism. The skill of the Russian army also showed the five-day war”, he said.

Vladimir Shamanov, at that time headed the group of the legendary seventh airborne division Novorossiysk. She was assigned to one of the most difficult tasks in the transition of military action from the plain to the mountains. Seasoned military rocked by the atrocities of terrorists:

“When we took over the cement factory, saw the place of execution of Russian soldiers. There were executed about ten people of the Ural military district. What struck me most burnt hands, cut the sexual organ of a young man with blood and written the slogans that they will destroy Russia.”

Colonel-General also referred to the numerous cases of hostage-taking and speculation. “What are they then Democrats? They are scum and criminals. Let us not climb in the country and dream to take over our wealth. It all belongs to our people.”

Vladimir Shamanov stressed that today the country is reviving patriotism: in the framework of Unirii, the movement of students and youth divisions in all political parties. “We will not allow to form a “Fifth column” and to repeat the tragedySoviet. Russia will be strengthened. We can take ‘ em,” concluded Colonel-General.

these days In Stavropol Krai remember those killed during the terrorist attack in Budennovsk. 25 years ago a group of militants of Shamil Basayev took hostages in the hospital — only about two thousand people. The captivity lasted five days. 129 people were killed. Even after all these years the responsibility for the carnage suffered is not all the bandits. Today this injustice corrected FSB officers managed to find and arrest two more members of a gang thug Basayev.
in the United States are trying to make heroes of terrorists and bandits type of Shamil Basayev and Khattab. One of them turns out to be not a terrorist but “the leader of the separatists”. It is not that other, as attempt to create a barrier between Germany, Europe and Russia.