the head of the administration of Alushta Galina Ogneva disgraced due to the said phrase. Crimean official has wished the death of the dogs, the owners of which violate the regime of self-isolation.

Rash words slipped from Firing during a meeting of the operational headquarters. The clerk reported on the offenders, couples, located within the beach area with a tent and two dogs. The head of the administration of Alushta pushed the microphone and said, “That they are dead, these dogs,” but spoken words were full-term live and video clip with a replica published in social networks. The official phrase has caused a great resonance and a storm of criticism.

Galina Ogneva on the page in Facebook has published a post in which apologized for the “careless sentence” about dogs. According to her, she didn’t mean anything bad, because she has two Pets at home.

the head of the administration of Alushta asked Crimeans to cling carelessly thrown phrase. Ogneva wants people to see and understand how the heads of the municipalities are experiencing. The official urged citizens not to procrastinate she said a phrase and said: “Is it in the Crimea there are no more problems?”.

they deserved to die crimean official has disgraced live 1

By the way, Galina Ogneva commented on the incident, “Interfax”. According to her, she did not want the dogs death because “normal people”. The clerk said he would watch the posted videos. “The press have nothing more to do here and relish” — drew the attention Ogneva.