To clear the market: Daniel Egorov outlined the main tasks of the tax

the New head of the Federal tax service of Daniil Egorov outlined the main priorities in the work of the Ministry. According to him, the main thing for the tax authorities to rehabilitate the market and make the tax payment is inevitable, but it is as comfortable as possible.

In an interview with the newspaper “Vedomosti” Egorov called his approach by modeling the behavior of taxpayers. “First, assess who falls under regulation, then look to whether the proposed regulation the logic of their behavior,” — said the head of the FNS. If the model passes the test and proves its efficiency, on its careful implementation in order not to hit the market, but to the companies themselves began to abandon the illegal schemes.

According to Egorova, is a “totally selfish behaviour”, because in the end, to achieve results, spend less strength.

Daniil Egorov was appointed head of on 17 January, after the former head of the service Mikhail Mishustin became Prime Minister. Before that Yegorov was in charge of the tax service business inspections, implementation of key technologies and new methods of control.