To Ukraine was not allowed Butina, Kolesnikova and Udovichenko

the State border service of Ukraine were not allowed in the country of Russian actors Sergei Kolesnikov, Larisa Udovichenko, Andrei Butina, as well as their chaperone. They have not passed border control at the airport of Zaporozhye.

the Actors have arrived by flight from Warsaw. According to the press service of the Ukrainian border guards, one of the Russians was not allowed due to visit Crimea, which Ukraine considers its occupied territory, and the other three are unable to explain, what purpose of your visit to Zaporozhye. However, the names of the actors in the press service did not name.

“Guilty” in the visit to Crimea was the actor Kolesnikov. Along with him came Udovichenko, Boutin, and attendant, whose name was not called. In addition, it appeared that the road in Zaporozhye, Odessa and Kiev together with them, was part of the Marat Basharov, but to the Ukraine, he did not come.

a Number of Ukrainian media have published the recommendation of the police security service in Zaporizhia region as of January 17, 2020, which provides an indication to strengthen security measures during theatrical performances with the participation of Basharova, Kolesnikova and Udovichenko January 19, due to “negative public outcry among activists of national-Patriotic public institutions of Zaporozhye.

In Zaporizhia on January 19 was to be held the play “obsession” with the participation of Russian artists. Local nationalist forces were preparing to block him. The same performance 20 Jan preparing to see the audience in Kharkov, January 22 — Odessa, January 23 — in Kiev and on January 24 in Nikolaev, writes TASS.