In the state Duma the presidential bill amendments to the Constitution. We are talking about the proposals of Vladimir Putin, voiced in the Message to the Federal Assembly on 15 January, where fixed social obligations of the state to the Russians and negotiated changes in the political system of the country. Only more than 20 amendments.

the state Duma approved the bill in the first reading. The speaker of the lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin said that the second reading is scheduled for February 11. Next is the third reading in the state Duma, adoption of amendments to the Federation Council and the signature of the President. And then a nationwide vote in which the people will decide whether amendments to the current drafting of the basic law or not.

in the meantime, work on the document continues, the state Duma deputies and the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The group was created by order of Vladimir Putin. Just a deliberative body consists of 75 people, the best Russian lawyers and experts in constitutional law, as well as politicians, representatives of NGOs, business, science, culture and sport. They have the second reading of the bill in the state Duma also has its own suggestions.

by the Way, after announcement of the Message to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin has several times sought clarification on the amendments to the Constitution and suggested ways to remain at the helm of the country after the end of the presidential term. Putin’s response three times, “no.”

So, January 18, in St. Petersburg at a meeting with veterans one of the participants asked not to limit the stay of one person on a post of the President to two terms.

“with regard to the duration of stay of the head of state in power, I understand what you are saying. This is due to many of our people with a concern for the stability of society, stability in the state and for external stability and for internal. However, very disturbingly, in my opinion, it would be to return to the situation in the mid-1980s, when state leaders one by one until the end of his days remained in power, went from this power, while it does not provide the necessary conditions for transformation of this power. So thank you, but I think that it is better for such a situation, what was in the middle of 1980-ies, not to return. Thank you very much. But I still it’s very nice, because it sounds the evaluation of my work”, — said the head of state.

About the possibility of creating in Russia a parliamentary Republic and the role of Vladimir Putin personally in this model, asked during the meeting with the public in the city of Usman of the Lipetsk region.

“At school, discuss your constitutional initiative. In fact, you are suggested to strengthen the responsibility of Ministers to Parliament, — said one of the teachers. — As you look to the responsibility of the government and Ministers largely increased? That is, to meet in full for the economy, the social sphere, for all that matters to people? And you, in turn, in my opinion, could include human rights, who will be responsible for the security of the country, for foreign policy. That is how you look at it Russia’s transition to a parliamentary Republic?”

“I’ve already talked about this. Parliamentary Republic in the world – a form of government common in many countries, especially in Europe, is effectively used, although there are a presidential Republic. For example, the Federal Republic of Germany is a parliamentary Republic, and France is a presidential Republic. Different forms exist in the same Europe, and around the world. India is one of the largest countries in the world is a parliamentary country, but the United States is presidential. Is it possible this application? It is theoretically possible. Advisable or not? Everyone has their own opinion on this account. I think not. And tell me why. To parliamentary Republic to function effectively, it is necessary that political structure, first, grew long. In the same Europe, with some parties there for centuries. And we have, as a rule, the party is associated with a specific person. The most striking example in our country — Vladimir Zhirinovsky. There is Zhirinovsky is the liberal democratic party, Zhirinovsky’s no… the idea is good, liberal, but whether the party is to function without their leader, it’s hard to say. But we better not to experiment. There is another consideration. A parliamentary form of government, which is widely used in Europe, is faltering today. In some countries, despite the presence of a political infrastructure in the form of stable political parties, they are unable to form a government for six months. Does not work. Imagine if Russia has lived without a government for six months? Disaster! Believe me, it’s impossible. It is a colossal damage to the state. Or for any cost to form a government and negotiate a coalition, and such parties who have a completely opposite goals. Goal — the good of the people — all have one, but the tools to achieve this goal are quite different. Some say that it is necessary, conditionally speaking, to use all forms of energy, nuclear energy including such and so, and others say that no nuclear power. And then they join the coalition. They will effectively solve a national problem? It’s just such an obvious example. One can cite many others. In practice, the experts themselves Western, I sometimes read now and then, saying that the parliamentary system is going through somewhat of a crisis situation. And think about how to revitalize, how to give a new quality to how to make this system more effective. I think that for Russia with its vast territory, with a multi-religious, with a large number of Nations and nationalities living on the territory of the country — their not even to count, someone says, 160, someone — 190 — still need a strong presidential power,” Putin said.

Later, the President met with students in Sochi. There he again asked what will happen after 2024 how to develop Russia does not want Vladimir Putin to become mentors for future President for the transitional period?

– the international experience was created by some special organs, as, for example, in Singapore or Kazakhstan, at the time of change to stabilize the activities of the state. Perhaps it would be something like this in Russia?

– for Example, as in Singapore. There was appointed, Lee Kuan yew, Minister mentor. But he was a father, dad was acting, so there’s continuity was straight. He is a remarkable man. Don’t know how many years he was in power, I think 30. It is, in principle, has created a country, it’s true. Something like that to create in Russia? You want me to be a mentor? Our country must, of course, a strong presidential Republic. What you propose would undermine the institution of the presidency. I think that for a country like Russia, it is not applicable. Different countries have different situation, different history and different culture. We have, if there was some kind of institution over the President, it will only mean a dual power. Absolutely disastrous situation for a country like Russia, — said the President. Sounded from Putin’s triple “no.”

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