Forum in Davos gave a feel for the harm the sanctions wars

What is remembered the world economic forum in Davos and how he at all useful?

the Problem of ecology and global warming this year on the main forum, in Davos, although it is not felt. The street — a good minus, sun and small snow drifts. Perfect winter. Trails and lifts are working.

On the slopes in the Swiss Alps — message in the snow: “No CO₂” and “there is No planet “B”. So supporters of ecoactivists Greta Thunberg decided to convey their views to world leaders: clearly and without damage to nature.

Without a hat and light jacket Swedish girl – she is one of the main guests in Davos tries to turn energy policy of peace and calls to abandon gas, oil and coal.

“Our planet still burns. Your inaction helped fuel the fire. We continue to tell you that if you love your children more than anything, it’s time to act,” said Thunberg.

But trains that prefers Greta, still good for short distances. Those who appreciates the time and considers money as the American President, choose a plane. Greta, who became man of the year by the magazine Time, he calls an angry girlfriend and tries to lower the degree in the environmental debate.

“I would love to hear her statement. I didn’t listen to him. I think some people set the requirements so unrealistic, so impossible to live with,” said trump.

the Only thing ready to go, to participate in a large-scale action — planting a trillion trees worldwide. In the Congress centre even broke a mini-garden. But to combat the greenhouse effect need different solutions.

“I think it is impossible to postpone their decision. Let’s see what winter in Moscow. This is a clear result of all the changes and increase in temperature. You have to pay for emissions, because whoever threw in the Indonesii, in India, in China or in Russia, he uses a common resource — the atmosphere, our environment. As long as this resource will not be paid, nobody is going to refuse this opportunity,” — said Oleg Deripaska, the founder of the Foundation for social innovation support “Volnoe Delo”.

“Raising questions about non-carbon economy or the prohibition of certain production, we need a very good analyst, a very profound study of these processes both on a scientific level, and with clear foresight and understanding of the economic consequences of its decisions”, — said Viktor Vekselberg, Chairman of the Board Director of the Fund “SKOLKOVO”.

in Addition to trump and Greta Thunberg in the Swiss Alps came more than a hundred billionaires. Russia by the number of VIPs this year in third place. For protection, the organizers spent $ 46 million, and prices in hotels have soared by nearly 10 times. The President of the United States, as two years ago, settled in the hotel “Intercontinental”. “The gold egg”, as it is called here, has even a nuclear bomb shelter. American visitors occupied the whole of Davos and the President of Serbia Vucic had to settle 20 kilometers from the venue of the forum.

“the United States by a large margin — “number one” in the export of oil and gas in the world. European countries should use the supplies from the U.S. to achieve real energy security,” said Donald trump.

the Word “Russia” did not say never, but it was so clear who was referring to trump. The Europeans, though, suffer from such a policy, but a dispute with the President of the United States prefer not to engage, limiting self, as, for example, the Chancellor of Austria, or just keep quiet.

– are There any signs that one of the countries in the world is drawn still more to the unipolar world?

– Large countries always have their own interests outside of these countries, and each country wants to achieve the best conditionsWii for themselves, to expand the sphere of influence. This is nothing new, it for centuries we are seeing, just with different intensity. So the question that today’s structure of world order, including international relations, is that involves multi-polarity, — said the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

“this has to be tolerated or it is better not even to tolerate, and try to achieve the same authority. But mostly now the credibility is achieved by two things — the state of the economy and the state of the army and Navy,” — said Vladimir Yevtushenkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK “Sistema”.

the Problem of social inequality is another challenge that faces the world. The growing gap between rich and poor could trigger a new Great depression, warned the International monetary Fund. But it’s important not only to provide people with work, but in the age of technology to enhance financial literacy, including in respect of investments.

“the Money should be kept in the savings Bank. Today, you can store them in rubles, because the ruble is quite a stable currency. Asking me what I keep the money? I have a big parts in rubles, but I have the money of the savings in dollars, some in euros. Everything depends on the volume of savings. Now rates have fallen, but inflation has fallen dramatically, and rates are positive. In this sense, you still get a positive return,” — said the head of Sberbank German Gref.

About the investment, said the President of Ukraine Zelensky. In the speech, he came empty-handed, in contrast to Poroshenko, who five years ago with this scene frightened the world of the Russian aggression, dragged the door of the bus, exploded near Volnovakha. But was talking more about war, but about the money.

“We are ready to talk with major Western investors. And we have not only words, but also a serious offer. We will protect investment. Prepared new programsmA. Every investor, large companies, which will lead to Ukraine 100 million dollars or more, we will provide a separate contract with the state. You will have a Manager who speaks 5 languages, it will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”, — assured Zelensky.

if any of the language of communication Russian is unknown, but IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva makes it clear that Russian is closer to her. “I know that for some people in Ukraine Russian language is not preferred. But I, unfortunately, do not speak Ukrainian. But my niece says because my brother’s wife is from Kharkov, she said. — I lived in Moscow for 3 years. We work hard to ensure that Ukraine has fulfilled all the conditions that were laid out. When this is done, then it will be time to submit for the attention of the Board of Directors proposal for the approval of $ 1.5 billion. But we’re not there.”

Zelensky, of course, counted on a meeting with the American President, but Trump, against which launched impeachment proceedings over Ukraine, such meetings are useless.

When is the next exchange of prisoners?

– Want. Honestly. As soon as you agree. We have two tracks. We talk in the “Normandy format” and will speak separately with the Russian Federation. These are two different tracks, — said Zelensky.

– On may 9 in Moscow will go?

it is Clear that to come to Moscow, then to destroy the coalition of those who are now actively rewriting the history of the Second world war. And especially succeeded poles.

– What needs to be done to improve relations between Poland and Russia?

– This is the most important. And we need this truth, I hope that the Russian authorities will tell the truth about our history, sometimes complex, but still common history. The truth is the most important. However, the best soil, the best Foundation for building good relations between States — says Andrzej Duda, the President of Poland.

– You called Russia a global threat. What are you afraid of?

– the First thing we should think is about the position of Russia, about her behavior. I’m not worried about Russia as about the country in General, I am concerned about the policy of Russia towards neighbouring States. We are close to Russia, we are concerned about the situation in Ukraine, — said the President of Lithuania Gitanos Nausea.

– whether it is dangerous to revise the results of world war II?

Is very dangerous, and we must do everything to defend the truth together with Russia, — said Alexander Vucic.

to Be together with Russia, wants and business. The sanctions war that has already cost Europe $ 240 billion, hurts everyone.

“none of my partners had invested in Russia, does not even pose the question of reducing their investments or exit our country. On the contrary, today addressed issues including sovereign wealth funds, the rise in investment, particularly in the gas processing industry, petrochemicals, liquefaction of gas. We are quite optimistic all set,” said the President of “LUKOIL” Vagit Alekperov.

“the Experience of recent years has shown that to strengthen sanctions of these factors is not necessary. And, in General, quite artificially to invent, even when the content is not. The current sanctions war hurts everyone,” said Alexei Mordashov, head of Severstal.

And this is particularly noticeable in Davos. This year, no sanctions and restrictions against Russian businessmen, on the contrary, foreign business came even more interest.

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