Ukraine has received the first penalty for flying over Russian Crimea

Almost 6 thousand dollars to Kiev paid airline, Kazakhstan Euro-Asia Air for the flight over the Russian Crimea. Ukraine recovered to the state budget the first penalty for flying aircraft in the sky over the Crimean Peninsula. The official wording for obtaining fine — “violation of the airspace of the Crimea”.

the Kazakh airlines admitted their guilt and voluntarily paid these funds, said the press center of command of air forces of Ukraine. The airspace over Crimea, Kiev officially closed in March 2014, reminds RIA Novosti. Also Kiev has stopped the supply of Crimea’s electricity, rail and water supply through the North Crimean canal.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of transport, and in 2014 recorded more than 200 thousand “violations” of the “air border”. And no one, except for Kazakhstan airlines, not incurred for it any financial responsibility. The amount of fines for “violation of airspace” in the Crimea, only civil aircraft of Russian airlines have already reached 542 million dollars, stress in Kiev.

dealing with a Kazakh airline will set a precedent. According to Kiev, this should lead to the beginning of the payment of fines by Russian companies.

Russian flag over Crimea were raised after the March referendum on the reunification of the Crimean Peninsula with Russia. According to the results returned to Crimea after 60 years in the Russian Federation. The referendum was held in accordance with international law and UN Charter.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the Crimea issue is closed. But Kiev continues to regard its Crimea “temporarily occupied” territory. On December 25, when in Sevastopol on open 19-kilometer Crimean bridge first train arrived “Tavria” from Saint-Petersburg, Kiev opened a criminal case on mass violation “of Ukrainian state border”.