Upon state of emergency in a camp in the Krasnoyarsk region has begun check

the Krasnoyarsk territory Prosecutor’s office organized a check of circumstances of destruction of the tourist camp on the shore of lake Masleeva Dzerzhinsky district. There late the night of July 5 the high winds knocked down a huge pine tree directly to the tent where the sleeping hundreds of people.

as a result one person was lost, five more were injured, among the injured a 14 — year old teenager. Was also damaged several cars, some of them to recover will not succeed.

the Checking is done on behalf of the Prosecutor of the Krasnoyarsk region, reported on the Agency’s website. To establish the causes and conditions incident to assess the actions of the competent authorities.

During the storm the wind had fallen more than a dozen trees, reports TASS. Killed a woman born in 1986, the victims were hospitalized. According to Ministry of health of the region, that one of the victims is in serious condition, two average, and two more in the lung.

According to the regional Agency of civil defense and emergencies, in the tented camp on the banks of the lake were 240 people, 80 cars and 70 tents. Trees filled up 10 tents, about 20 cars were damaged.