Weather in Moscow the second day in a row beating the temperature record

the Temperature in Moscow for the second day in a row beating the record. At the base of the capital’s meteorological station at ENEA to Friday 13:00, reached a plus of 4.3 degrees Celsius, the highest value over the entire 140-year history of meteorological observations.

Last temperature record was beaten by 0.1 of a degree, reports “Interfax” with reference to the weather Bureau of Moscow and Moscow region.

Forecasters say that from the beginning of January the average temperature in Moscow exceeds the climatic norm by almost 9 degrees. Since the beginning of the calendar winter in the capital of the temperature exceeding the norm by 7.5 degrees.

Abnormal heat is in no hurry to leave the capital region. However, according to the forecasts of meteorologists, the upcoming week of weather records will not.

According to the hydrometeorological centre of Russia, in Moscow the weather conditions will correspond to the beginning of March. On Saturday, January 18, precipitations are not expected. In Moscow will be celebrated temperatures of minus 1 to plus 1 degree at night and from 0 to plus 2 degrees in the afternoon. In the field during the day the temperature will range from minus 2 to plus 3 degrees.

on Sunday, January 19, will also be dry. The temperature will not change significantly: the night will be from minus 2 to 0 in the capital and from minus 4 to plus 1 in the region, the day is projected to be 0 to plus 2 in Moscow and from minus 3 to plus 2 on the field.

At the beginning of new working week in some places will be a little snow. At night the thermometer drops to minus 5 degrees during the day – will rise to plus 2. On Tuesday, January 21, some rain is possible. At night frost is possible up to 5 degrees below zero, and the day is warming up to plus 4.