A protest has caused the game to be interrupted and the World Snooker Championships in Sheffield to be postponed. A man jumped onto one of the two pool tables at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield on Monday night. From an opened sachet, he spilled an orange powdery substance on the table. The match between Robert Milkins and Joe Perry had begun there on the third evening of the tournament.

The game was initially interrupted and the table cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. It should then be covered with a fresh cloth. While it was initially said in the arena that the match should continue as soon as possible, the World Snooker Tour later announced that the first session between Milkins and Perry should now only begin on Tuesday evening.

As the broadcaster Eurosport reported, a protester also tried to stick to the other table. The Belgian referee Olivier Marteel prevented this. There, after a 40-minute break, the game that started in the morning between Mark Allen from Northern Ireland and Fan Zhengyi from China was continued. There is a partition between the two tables that can be removed. The background to the protest initially remained unclear.