Zakharov asked Bodnar to name the date of the existence of the

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Russia wants to “drive a wedge” in the crime of rewriting history. So she commented on the statement of the Deputy Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar, who claimed that Russia is trying to “drive a wedge of history” between Kiev and Warsaw, and talked about the existence of “Ukraine-Rus”.

“Russia wants to drive a wedge between Ukraine and Poland, and in the criminal rewriting of history”, — Zakharov wrote in his Facebook.

as for the “Russia-Ukraine”, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry was asked to clarify the start and end dates of the existence of this “little Russian Hyperborea”.

She also suggested the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine to use the next time designate it mythologism the following names: “Okrus” or “Rusure”.

Earlier Bodnar in one of the Ukrainian media said that Russia “since ancient times, demonstrates a gift for stealing is not only foreign territory, but also someone else’s story, like the history of Ukraine-Rus”. He also accused the Russian Federation in the misappropriation of other people’s victories and shifting on to others the responsibility for the crime. After the Deputy head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has expressed support to the Polish Sejm, who accused the Soviet Union in the outbreak of the Second world war.