Campervans are not just for young people going to festivals. The appeal of the campervan has widened and more and more people are seeing the advantages of owning their own campervan. The world of campervan ownership opens up countless possibilities for travel and leisure. There are many reasons to buy a Hymer campervan – here are just a few.

  1. Freedom to Travel and Live

The top reason why many people choose to buy a Hymer campervan is freedom. The freedom to pack up the van and go, whenever you want. Most of the basics you take when you travel in a campervan can be stored in the vehicle while it is on your drive. You just need to pack your clothes and essentials, pick up a pint of milk for the fridge, and set off. You can decide to spend the weekend somewhere else because the weather forecast is good. And you can extend your weekend break by traveling on a Friday night and returning on Sunday. And when you return, you don’t have to spend the night unpacking your van so you feel like you can enjoy a longer break.

  1. Freedom to Explore

With hymer motorhomes Scotland, England and Wales are your oyster. Planning an adventure around the UK is a dream for most people and you now can make that dream a reality. If there are parts of the country you have always wanted to explore, now’s your chance. You could be sat in front of the TV one evening and the next, be halfway to Scotland in your van. And if you want to go further field, Europe is easily accessible when you have a campervan or motorhome.

  1. Cost Effective Holidays

You may love exploring and traveling but the cost of staying in hotels or bed and breakfasts is too high for you to do it regularly. Even self-catering accommodation can be pricey, especially during peak season. Buying a campervan is a significant investment but this investment will pay off over time in terms of reduced accommodation costs. You can even use your van to stay in when you visit friends who don’t have a spare room, or when you go to a wedding.

  1. Easy to Drive and Manoeuvre

Hymer campervans are easier to manage than caravans. They are not much more difficult to drive than the average car, and you don’t need any special skills to manage them. Campervans are easier to park and manoeuvre, which makes them ideal for smaller campsites, narrow roads and when you are using your campervan in your hometown for quick trips to the shops. Plus, you don’t have to drive so slowly in a campervan as you do when towing a caravan, which means less time on the road.

  1. Comfier than Camping!

If you loved camping in your youth but find it too difficult now, a campervan is your ideal solution. Hymer campervans are perfect when you want to get closer to nature and gain all the benefits of camping, without having to sleep on the ground in a tent.