A nationwide vote: security measures in areas

a vote on the amendments to the Constitution began. It’ll only last until July 1, inclusive. In Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod you can do everything online. What security measures are taken?

you can Vote and remotely in Moscow, for example, using services of the MOE.RU, but many went in the first day vote at the polls. The stations operate from 8 to 20 hours to 1 July inclusive, in order not to create large groups of voters — in the sense of multi-day voting.

And here’s the first day, for example, on a site in the building of the cadet corps in the street Racing — the turnout was five percent. Pretty good, according to members of the election Committee, given the rain and the opportunity to vote a week.

Plot No. 208 in Moscow. As on any other weekend, here are all the usual attributes — ballot boxes, polling booths, tables, information stands. But this appeared such important things like masks, sanitizer, gloves that are voted at the entrance. The sanitary question was settled and no one is afraid of; everything is organized clearly.

“I Came because I hoped that people would be a little. Really! When I arrived, there was another person at a great distance. That is, as the TV show, all observed: given gloves, mask. Everything is fine,” says voter Tatyana Goncharova.

In the current compulsory voting many new parts. Issue disposable pens, passports in hand, the members of the Commission are not taken, changing the usual lost blinds that voting was not in contact with the surfaces.

Changed and the procedure. Due to the fact that the voting stage, the safety bulletins provided by observers and the police. At the end of each day, the ballots placed in secure bags and then in sealed safes.

“At each polling station there are monitors who ensure that everything was according to the law, — says the Chairman of the precinct electortion Commission of Leninsky city district of Vidnoe Lyudmila Lerner. — All the ballots were extracted from stationary drawer and moved to the safe-a package that, if opened, will be seen.”

the Preliminary voting will continue until 1 July. And at the end of these seven days there will be a counting of votes.