Advertising market the Russian television and radio companies will fall by 30-50%

the Advertising market the Russian television and radio companies will drop from 30 to 50% by the end of this year. This was announced by the Chairman of the Russian Union of journalists Vladimir Solovyov in the conference “peculiarities of regional journalism.”

Solov’ev referred to the evaluation of relevant ministries. He also noted that the biggest impact of the pandemic COVID-19 has caused the print media.

Earlier in the study, Magna Global reported that the global advertising market will suffer from the effects of a pandemic coronavirus until the end of the year, but next year will be restored.

this year, 7% expected a decline in global advertising revenue from $582 billion to $540 billion. Revenue from outdoor advertising, television, radio and print advertising, commercials in cinemas will be reduced by 16% to $238 billion.

digital advertising (search, video, social networking, banners), experts expect the best dynamics of growth of 1% to $302 billion. This is due largely to the fact that the pandemic is users spend more time online and more actively use smartphones.

the Scope of SMM and ad network will grow by 8%, according to Magna. Search remains the largest digital advertising ($142 billion), but global sales are stagnant (-1%).

Revenues from advertising in social networks will slow down compared to previous years, but this year will continue to grow, while revenues from banner advertising will fall by 11%, as coronaries will strengthen the restrictions on targeting, based on the data.

Revenue from the TV advertising will fall by 12% due to the lack of sports broadcasts and low demand in General. The fall of advertising revenues in the print industry will reach 32%, sales of radio advertising will fall by 15%, experts say. The most significant decline, experts predict in the field of advertising in cinemas — 40%.