After the death of Verdi lieferung her victim can sue the management of the clinic

the Victim Alena Verdi posing as a plastic surgeon, after her death, does not exclude the possibility to complain to the managers of the clinic where you had surgery. Alexander Acireale recognized victim in the case of lieferung, intends to seek justice, despite the fatal culprits notorious trial.

the Victim told that you can complain to the Director and chief doctor of the clinic where Alain Verdi was working previously. Acireale wants someone to answer for the damage which she suffered for three years, reports RIA Novosti.

the Attorney of another victim Anastasia Ismailova said that he had not discussed with his client further legal proceedings. According to him, the chance to recover the money from relatives of lieferung equal to zero.

In April 2019 in respect of Alena Verdi opened a criminal case. She bought a fake diploma, was a small practice and operated in a private clinic in Krasnodar. After surgery Verdi, patients had horrific consequences. The woman was even called “Dr. Frankenstein”.

15 Jun Alain Verdi died without leaving a coma. According to preliminary data, it might occur due to overdose of drugs.