An apartment in Moscow sold for the debts without the knowledge of the hostess

a Resident of Moscow tries to regain the rights to his apartment. She took out a loan secured by housing and properly repay the debt. The financiers, however, assigned its rights to the debt to other merchants, and repaying the loan there was confusion. In the end, the Muscovite apartment was sold and the new owners have to survive a woman raider ways. Now she hopes police and prosecutors.

Being at home, Natalia Frolova is actually living in someone else’s apartment. Such metamorphoses with its living space happened after she took the credit in one of the financial institutions bail square meters. Paid regularly, but then it turned out that the company ended the license for financial activities.

“Addressed to the organization, they are on the phone gave them the new details, then promised to send official documents. All as prescribed in the contract. But this was not followed, and we continued to pay on those details, which they dictated,” says Natalia Frolova.

some time later, the company’s license was restored, but the money began to demand already from another company, which allegedly crossed from the right, where she took them. It turned out that the previous payments were not taken into account, and has run a serious interest. To negotiate with management failed.

– In the conversation it was said that in principle the money that we paid, they are not interested. It would be easier if we put the apartment keys on her Desk.

Natalia knew her duty and is already sold to a natural person. And recently it turned out that the apartment is Natalia belongs.

– From the auction were made selling my property. Again, no documents in this regard, any notifications I received.

the rights to the apartment said the representative of the new owner of the apartment. But for some reason, he conducts himself like an ordinary raider. For example, floods peephole glue, spoils the outdoor camera naludeniya, trying to break the castle and threatened not only Natalie, but also their neighbors.

even after it became clear that in Savelovsky court against Natalya was reviewed several lawsuits to recover the money. All she lost. But why she was not even notified about the sale of his apartment, it is a question to which the answer, apparently, have the investigators. Natalie intends to pursue a criminal case.

“In the case of a criminal case and investigation by a number of factors that will be installed will help our affected in the future cancel any judicial decision to return to the apartment,” — said the lawyer Ildar Fazleev.

the application to the Prosecutor and police have already written. Soon Natalia will challenge in court the decision on eviction.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”