Back in the USSR: in Tictoc gaining immense popularity of nostalgic clips

Tiktok crazy because of the Minsk punks and poet Boris Red. Or self-made video for their song “Vessel”. Foreigners want in post-Soviet Russia.

“Relieve stress, plunging into a very romantic version of Soviet Russia.” The famous American music magazine — about the phenomenon of modern twentysomethings. That is very original treat fatigue from “capitalist society”. Namely through the promotion of life of the eighties. Well, or at least how they see life.

such are a few of the philosophical conclusions of the authors of the publication came after learning one of the most popular songs in the service a short video Tiktok. Track from the Belarusian team on the poems by Russian poet Boris Red for several months, sets the trends. Here are just a grim sense of the source material is easily mixed with the usual resilient rollers users.

Soviet feel of the Belarusian post-punk and synth-pop band “Silent house” has swept ticktockers around the world. Hundreds of thousands more video to the song “Vessel”. It all began with a clip of Leonid Vertinskogo now living in the United States, with the cutting of the Petersburg hanging out “a La the eighties” under the dark track of the song “Vessel”.

After these videos began to appear by the hundreds, and even thousands. Another video dedicated to post-Soviet realities – is gaining millions of likes. The experts are unanimous in the conclusion: foreign young people imbued with the atmosphere of post-Soviet period, though never experienced, and now wants to see a Russian with his eyes.

the Popularity of the group, now the world is just enormous. Waiting for her in Europe, America, Asia. Experts believe that all this is due to just the song “the Ship” by poet Boris Red, which, though performed in the Russian language, but very friendly and like foreigners.

“He was able to write such poems that touch people, the hearts of the people. He know such a universalet, it is clear and accessible to academics and the common man. This is a rare property, it was here from Vysotsky, for example, Yesenin,” — says Oleg Dozmorov, a friend of Boris Red.

by the Way, the Red poet’s poems have been translated into many languages of the world. Many performers shift them to the music that actually made the Belarusian punk band.

“Now the effect of the TEC current is very sharp. You can become popular in just a day or two, you can become popular. And that applies to songs. We also have earned popularity in America (although he was a well-known band “little big” in Europe). But the big peak of popularity of the world-took place with the help of tik-current”, — said Stanislav Antonov, head of the SMM Department.

a Group of “Silent house” in the West consider a model of Russian music Doumer. Dumery — depressed, often tearful, dressed in black, Smoking and drinking recklessly, having neither the career, goals or prospects. But, despite this, the visuals on dumeresque a song often has the depressing shades of tik Tok, and the combination of songs and visuals on the contrary attracts the attention of foreign users in Russia.

“In recent years, interest in people around the world to Russia, maybe it has something to do with the political process? Whether Russia increases, then the West is weakened, whether still something is happening. Whether in Russia there is interesting music in the post-Soviet space. But, anyway, this is starting people interested,” — says Oleg Karpunin, music critic, administrator telegram channel “Russian shuffle”.

And while some Russian commentators trying to explain that the Russian reality is not always so, as shown in the video in tik-Tok, others are only happy about this interest in their country by foreigners.