The owner of the dangerous carousel in the

the owner of the rides in the Voronezh Park “Tanais” is trying to challenge the actions of the bailiffs who regularly write large fines. The opposition of the owner of the greater part of the amusement Park with the city lasts from 2014. In 2019, the administration managed through the courts to achieve the dismantling of the morally and technically outdated, according to officials, designs, reports GTRK “Voronezh”. However, the owner of carousel is sure in its decision, the court pointed out an important detail – the time frame in which the territory to be cleaned.

Until then dismantled the two roundabouts, now gradually understand “Castle of fear”. The rest is in place. The Central alley of the Park is regularly visited by the bailiffs, has already issued fines of 100 thousand rubles. The owner does not agree. The company did not want to demolish the rides quickly, and plan to analyze them carefully. This, they say it will take at least a year. Structures were installed during the Soviet period, even factories, which produced them, no longer exists.

in addition, the owner believes that it would be possible to preserve some of the roundabouts before the new Park’s development plan. Representatives of the “Tanais” in turn, is guided by the fact that the release must go gradually and without breaking existing Park system, which people for many years have become accustomed. That is, the presence of the concept of development, in accordance with the approved project, the replacement of these rides on those species that will be approved by the administration, – said the lawyer Sergey Zorkin.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”