Because of the warm winter in Russia intensified mites

Warm winter and lack of snow led to an early awakening of the ticks.

researcher at the research Institute for Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor Natalia Shashina said radio Sputnik that the mass appearance of these arthropods is not expected, because the temperature is still low for them — they need about 8-10 degrees Celsius. However, according to her, if somewhere the sun prigreet, the individual mites will crawl out.

Also, the expert reminded about safety precautions: you need to dress correctly and not to leave parts of the body exposed.

Usually the tick season starts in April, and the peak of activity in may-June. They are carriers of dangerous diseases — tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme disease. Against tick-borne encephalitis can be vaccinated.