Careregular company

Muscovite subjected to attack the phone for the unpaid car fines. Traffic rules he violated, driving the car-share. Then threatening phone calls started to come in not only his room but also on the personal phone numbers of relatives that were not available in the database of the company.

After a new hire came to Andrei penalty for violation of the rules of the road — right before the new year, when all the money was spent on gifts. He called the company and warned that it will pay the fine later. Then it started a real telephone attack. The man, who introduced himself as a security officer “of Telemobile”, started calling relatives and friends of Andrew.

“Communication was rude: you know this fact, so tell him we’re onto him,” says Andrew Wohin.

it is Unclear where and how they obtained the personal data of people who has not concluded a contract with car-sharing. Communicate in style shootouts from the dashing 90-ies was not stopped. Then Andrei himself called back to this number.

– Where do you get phone numbers?

– I will not respond. This is not my area of expertise.

After that, the security officer promised to report on Andrew’s parents.

– I will be with your parents to talk. You will not talk. Warn from their parents.

it turned Out, this method of pressure on debtors — a fairly common phenomenon. Lawyers believe that to call relatives autocollectors are not eligible.

“There are rules for employees of collection agencies. Apparently, they are not very clear the security officers carsharing of the company. Not-calling neither friends nor acquaintances, nor to threaten. In this situation, he can contact the police at the place of residence,” explains auto expert Igor Morzharetto.

In the most carcharinus the company with the journalists spoke only on the phone, but not one question not answered.

“We do not comment. I don’t have all the information to answer you,” said Alena Balakireva, head of the press service of the company “Telemobil”.

In the office of the company “Telemobil” beyond the turnstiles of the media representatives is not allowed. The company could go in a legal way and just call in the bailiffs to recover the debt. But now it can get to a large fine.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”