Coronavirus treatment is not a problem: doctors help cardiovascular problems, diabetics and cancer patients

the Department of health will not tolerate violations in the provision of care to patients with cancer. As reported in the Department, all necessary medical care of the sick is provided in full. Diagnostics, planned surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are held at the appointed time. Doctors help people, not infected with coronavirus COVID-19.

a Team of surgeons to carry out complex surgery. The patient — an early form of gastric cancer. The task of physicians is to remove the part affected by the tumor body. This piece of work.

Doctors continue to treat compliance with all safety standards. Oncologists at the operating table every day. Removal of a malignant tumor takes an average of five hours. After the operation the patient is transferred to maintenance therapy.

– How are you feeling? How was your night?

Natalia — breast cancer. However, the operation is over, you can prepare for the statement.

“I was here for chemo, then the plan came for hospitalization”, — says Natalya Timoshkina.

– what are the Predictions?

“the Outlook is positive — smiling woman. — We will continue with the doctor to work.”

Moscow cancer hospital №62. In the departments of surgical Oncology — more than 500 patients. There is no space available. Waiting for elective surgery is not more than a week.

– How are you feeling?

“I feel better after the surgery” — meets Tatiana Nazarova.

– Look, were to go out of your room?

“Yes, doctors recommend to go to quickly get in shape,” says the woman.

People with cancer in rampant coronavirus was at risk. Immunity from disease is weakened. But the question is whether or not to continue treatment is started, does not arise. The risk of developing neoplastic disease exceeds the risk of the coronavirus.

“We continue to provide assistance to the same extent, for all directions — and radiation therapy, and drug treatment, and surgery,” enumerates the types of assistance the head physician of Moscow city Oncology hospital No. 62 Dmitry Kanner.

for Those who have the disease is not progressing and no complaints about health, help remotely. Medications delivered to the house.

the Latest resuscitation equipment, a modern endoscopy Department Oncology remains open, the treatment is not interrupted.

“compared to last year in some areas has slightly increased the number of surgical interventions in oncological hospitals are conducted, and the number of people who received drug treatment increased by 20 percent,” — says the Director of Moscow clinical scientific center named after A. S. Loginov Igor Katkov.

In scientific research Institute of emergency care named Sklifosovsky on the stretcher and take the patient with a heart attack. Here, every second counts.

“We fight for each patient, and the sooner comes with a stroke or heart attack patient, the better the outcomes,” — emphasizes the Deputy Director — the head of the regional Vascular center Institute of emergency care named after N. In. Sklifosovsky Constantine Parrots.

cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, treatment of which depends not only the state but the lives of patients. Doctors believe that they need constant monitoring even in extraordinary conditions of a pandemic.