In Chechnya, at the time of Eid al-Fitr, the mode input brake wheels

In Chechnya, where today — 1026 cases of infection with coronavirus, decided to introduce further restrictions on the period of the celebration of Eid al-Fitr. From Saturday until Tuesday banned the movement in the country. The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov appealed to residents of the Republic and asked to mark Muslim holiday at home with family. Will have this day to refrain from celebratory collective prayers in mosques.

Fresh beef for the holiday table these days has received thousands in need. At the same time, poor residents of the Republic were passed for 10 thousand rubles. Large-scale promotion from the regional public Fund on the eve of Eid al Fitr. The feast of the end of the fasting month, which this year for the first time the believers will say from the comfort of home.

Yesterday, the call was made by the head of the region: “World Islamic scholars are United in the opinion that the Muslim Ummah must confront a pandemic, by any measure, and ways, including social distancing. I urge all residents of the Chechen Republic to celebrate Eid al Fitr at home, to eliminate the physical contact, without visiting family and friends. Mode isolation continues.”

Celebrate one of the most long-awaited holidays, the Muslims will, of course, but only in the family circle. In stores buy fruits, sweets and soda — favorite delicacy of children. For older students, usually for meat dishes.

Amina Elsanova already planned out the holiday menu: “Every year we like to prepare for this holiday, to cook, usually until morning, despite the fact that quarantine, everyone is preparing, including, and I make blanks for the day after tomorrow”.

for the First time will not make collective and Eid prayers in mosques. They still are under quarantine.

the mufti of the Republic, Salah Mezhiev made an appeal to the people, in which he called the epidemic challenge of the Almighty to all mankind: “In these challenging times, we need to stay in their homes to read prayers and ask God deliverth all of us from this disaster”.

In Chechnya already began to loosen the strict regime of self-isolation: earned small shops, service stations, car washes and gas stations. But on a holiday weekend in the Republic introduced strict restrictions for the movement of not only cars but also pedestrians.

Today and tomorrow these streets will be more lively, but, starting Saturday, in the Republic will operate the brake wheels. The movement of all vehicles, except emergency services is strictly prohibited. And so, until the end of the holidays.