Crashed in Bali blogers Nastya Tropical cremated without the presence of relatives

Lost in Bali Russian woman Anastasia zubrin; cremated without the presence of relatives. Grandma Anastasia wrote in Instagram that cremation took place on 25 June.

“we Grieve with the whole family,” she said.

on the Eve of mother Anastasia, known in social networks as Nasty Tropical, said that the family were unable to travel and pursue the girl in the last journey because of the closed borders. Indonesia closed them at the end of March because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

What will happen with the ashes of the deceased, is also still unknown. Yet close collect funds for its delivery to Saint Petersburg.

On the death of 18-year-old Russian woman who lived on the island of Bali, it became known on June 21. The girl got in an accident on the newly acquired bike, received head injury and died at the scene.

She positioned herself as a “self-made millionaire,” which is “simply dreamed of freedom”. She led webinars, wrote about traveling and working remotely. In Instagram she has 1.3 million subscribers.