Crossed the line? The authors of the meme about

“Employee andriychenko service is not passed and not passed.” The police Ussuriisk said about a certain seaside police Lieutenant Colonel, who allegedly “kept in his house the boxes with the money.” At least, that’s what this story gave popular public regional, and now local authorities are forced to somehow explain his appearance.

In the short video showed how the same Andreychenko — caught on a large bribe, leading to the investigation and house arrest. However, once it is clear that the video was staged. Indeed, among the main detractors flashes known in the region of a humorous character, the so — called “MP Nalivkin”.

the Hero — a fictional, and hence the described situation too. The police Ussuriisk these circumstances, of course, take into account. However, the video with the fake employee is still considered a provocation, and even gave a rebuttal to the press. Having asked “not to mislead the readership”. But the authors of the satire can wait and something more than just an official statement.

a Private house. Investigators carried boxes and bags with banknotes. Confused man on the bed. And the VoiceOver, tells that in the room, the employee discovered the quote “hundreds of pounds of money.” Thanks to a tip from the Vitali nalivkina.

the Audience in the comments said: not everyone will distinguish this video from the real battlefield footage. Alas, not distinguished by some journalists, who on their resources has issued this statement for real detention. And all are sure the local police, because of the shape, which the authors of the movie used.

“Despite the fact that the public is positioning itself as the channel of comic news, a history of fictional characters, the hero of the staging roller is in the form of the bodies of internal Affairs, which is an administrative offense,” — said Irina Syrova, head of OIOS UMVD of Russia across the Seasiwho edge, Colonel of internal service.

Director and producer Andrey Klochkov, which created the image Nalivkin, says the employees form for the filming did not take, all coincidences are accidental. “In this video blue shirt, pants, and, no chevrons insignia is not there. Part of what you want to claim, but that doesn’t scare us, we’ve been picked up for application forms,” shrugs Andrew Klochkov, Director, producer.

last year, the team is fined. And this is also want to punish the ruble. Because the image of a drunken man, who is called a senior officer of the Ministry, the interior Ministry said offensive.

“Put the form on an actor and in bad form to show the employee of law enforcement officers, it does not honor any of the crew. Today the police, tomorrow our valued doctors will discredit, throw them something,” — said Alexey Lobarev, Chairman of the Public Council under the Federal penitentiary service of Russia, Chairman of trade Union of workers of the interior Ministry.

But the authors of the video say that to make fun of wanted not the police. Did, like, a collective image of the corrupt. Drunk and confused. “We have absolutely no problem anyone to discredit, insult or offend. We believe that these things Colonel Zakharchenko, who have billions of find. These people cast a shadow on law enforcement agencies, and we are very well apply to them”, — is protected by Andrey Klochkov, Director, producer.

But the anti-hero in this video is from the ranks of law enforcement. Saving up for a comfortable life abroad, robbing the unfortunate mushroom.

“It’s a collective image, showing this employee, he insults and other employees of the Russian police. After all, we know how many people we have, how many police officers are at the forefront of crime fighting, and dying, and when you show these examples, I honestly just sad for their colleagues”, — says Ivan Solovyov, honored lawyer of Russia, member of the scientific Advisory Board of the Investigative Committee.

In a flurry of activity from the fictional functionary watched by more than 130 thousand subscribers. Vitaly Nalivkin proposed strengthening the old bridge with rusty buses. Fetid emissions industries struggled, hanging in air fresheners. But exposing corrupt something is not set.

“any humor should be treated with humor, I think that it is, in principle, the perception of humour depends on the personal qualities of the person. Once was on a jury and seen how people make fun of — over themselves, over-work problems, exercises it was so funny,” says Eugene Nikishin, actor, broadcaster.

Now the project team faces a fine of up to one hundred thousand rubles. But despite the possible financial losses, representatives of the official intend to continue working. In defense of fictional, but the good name of Mr Nalivkin. And, of course, to the delight of local residents.