Freedom from taxes and tenants: the state Duma approved a package of measures

How to support citizens and businesses in terms of the spread of infection, today discussed in the state Duma. Have to work not in full — coronavirus found a few deputies. MPs have already approved a package of measures. The lease now you can break without penalty, and small and medium businesses will be exempted from taxes.

On Thursday morning, 21 may, parliamentarians were six with a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19. Another part is isolation as a risk group. The rest of the mask is removed only for the performances. In the reception is empty most of the assistants on remote. But with such high security measures for their tests pass, not all. Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin urged those who feel bad, stay home.

the First support measures for families with children. The allowance for child care for unemployed increases to almost seven thousand.

For business — new ways of resolving disputes. Tenants will be able to terminate the contract with the owner of the premises without payment of penalty, however, first give the parties two weeks to negotiate a price reduction and not to burn bridges.

“the tenants have no money, no job, and they need to pay rent. Under current law, they must pay a large penalty, so we cut them loose. Stay in the red landlords. The premises they rent, and they do not pay the money. ‘ve got to adjust,” — said the head of the LDPR faction in the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

the Measure is temporary and only for the affected industries. Firms, for example, is now without a job. They are, in case of emergency or closure, will be able to give clients the equivalent of vouchers instead of returning the money for the tour.

“Now the two main tasks. The first is how to help those very hard. Second — where to get funds and how to allocate our resources, which is quitechno. We actively support the measures the President proposes,” said the head of the faction of CPRF in the state Duma Gennady Zyuganov.

One of these presidential proposals is to grant companies loans for the payment of salaries. Who will save your staff, will write off the loan without residue. New amendments to the law will not count such retirement income, and, hence, taxes do not pay.

“This is a very important initiative. It would seem, directly it is not about the support of our citizens, but soon the isolation will end, people will start to go to work. It is important that they were to go to these jobs were saved,” — said the head of the faction “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov.

taxes for the second quarter will release small and medium businesses and socially oriented NGOs. From personal income tax will be paid and bonuses to social workers. Self-employed will be able to reclaim tax on professional income for last year. This is only part of the measures. The total list is hundreds of pages.