Hospitalized with Kovalam satirist Trushkin is in very serious condition

the Artist Nikas Safronov, a close friend 78-year-old satirist, humorist and writer Anatoly Trushkin told journalists that he is in very serious condition.

Earlier it was reported that almost 2 weeks ago, on may 9, the writer was hospitalized with confirmed coronavirus in one of the capital’s hospitals.

Safronov said that before talked with the head doctor of the clinic where the treatment Trushkin. He has a very large volume of lung lesions.

At the same time, according to Safronov, Anatoly breathing on his own, but sometimes resorts to an oxygen mask. In addition, he has high blood pressure.

However, the head physician of the hospital hoping for the best, at least until the doctors and not in a hurry to translate Anatoly Trushkin out of intensive care.

Confirmed coronavirus and the wife of writer Natalia, but she’s got the disease is less severe, writes “Interlocutor”.