In bereznyakovskiy hospital outbreak of coronavirus infection

the Number of cases COVID-19 in bereznyakovskiy the hospital named after E. A. Vagner increased. As reported STRC “Perm”, 21 people were hospitalized the day before. Three of them are from Alexander.

According to hospital experts, the outbreak was associated with an increase in the number of contacts with ill coronavirus. The hospital said 20 of the patients transferred to the infectious diseases Department of therapeutic. There initially were identified coveny sick.

a total diagnosis is now confirmed 59 people, all isolated in the infectious diseases unit 97. 28 patients of average weight, one in serious condition, two in intensive care. 29 out of 88 men who underwent treatment in the regional hospital since the beginning of the epidemic have recovered.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, for the last day in the Kama region recorded 67 new cases COVID-19. 38 patients treated in the hospitals, and 28 home. The total number of infected is 2202 people. Other important indicators: the increase of patients per day is 3.1%. The prevalence of the disease — 0,96 (6 June — 0,88). For the second phase of the lifting of restrictions, this number should not be greater than 0.8.

Text: GTRK “Perm”