Maximov reported on the situation in the WTO

Deputy Minister of economic development Timur Maximov reported that the dispute regarding the third energy package between Russia and the EU were officially frozen in the world trade organization until such time as will a new appellate body. According to the Agency, currently, the WTO hovered about ten disputes.

Earlier, former Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin told journalists that Russia and the European Union to discuss the agreement on the mutual resolution of trade disputes within the world trade organization. The WTO appellate body has suspended its activities because of the position of the States.

Timur Maksimov also said that Russia was examining the legal side of the issue in the agreement between China and the United States. According to him, Moscow may involve necessary legal and political tools in case of infringement of their interests. Deputy economic development Minister noted that the WTO is more focused on instruments of a legal nature, reports TASS.

the Representative of the Ministry said that Russia has received an offer to join the interim appellate mechanism of the WTO. This issue is currently under consideration of the government, a decision is expected.

Maximov explained why the appellate body have stopped working. According to him, while he is not functioning, the countries agree among themselves, and between Contracting will continue to work on the second stage of dispute resolution, RIA Novosti reported.

the Deputy head of the Ministry explained that the procedure would be as close as possible to the procedures of the appellate body. This mechanism is absolutely legitimate. According to Maximov, it is unclear whether the interim authority to only consider the new arguments.