Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will forever be remembered as two of the most popular figures to have ever emerged in modern day sports. The duo have had a rivalry that spans for over a decade and have always been a subject of discussion and debate amongst sports analysts.

In other terms you can never talk about greatness in tennis without talking about the two trailblazers.

Their rivalry can be linked to the ever raging Christano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi kind of competition. The two figures’ prominence and popularity can never be ignored to an extent that when they are playing against each other one cannot be surprised entering into a casino and find everyone glued to the closest television set following their game set-for-set. You can visit to learn more about online gambling on sport.

History of Rivalry

The rivalry of the two tennis gurus’ spans to as early as 2004 and their rivalry has become a dog-eat-dog kind of contest. The two have at least met on the court of at least 40 times in both competitive and non-competitive formats of the game.

Of these 40 times that they have went head to head, Rafael Nadal has a 24-16 lead with most of the matches being hard court contests and the other 16 being clay matches and the other being played on grass. Rafa as Nadal is popularly known is the world revered “King of the Hard Court” while Federer claims prominence of the clay format of the game.


The two great names in tennis history boast of a mirage of accolades that have made them to feature in history as two of the most popular things to have ever happened to tennis since its inception. No wonder there are slots online based on them.

They have both won at least 11 consecutive Grand Slam tourneys like the French Open, U.S Open, Australian Open among others. People who follow tennis would agree has once your name features just once on historical contests like the Australian Open you are really a global tennis powerhouse.