New trends in terms of coronaviruses: isolation inspires fresh ideas earnings

the Online analysis of the wardrobe, web photo shoot, remote Babysitting are just some examples of client needs in recent months. While the demand for virtual services is very high, but will continue this trend and after the lifting of the quarantine?

With a camera in hand Daria Soghomonyan for more than ten years. At first photography was just a hobby, and after birth she decided to leave the insurance company and become a professional photographer. In the portfolio of Daria – fashion photography, family photo shoots, lookbooks. Now to the list and added a photo on the webcam. A new trend was born by itself: self-isolation is forced to find a new creative solution right at home. And, as it turned out, the creativity in this format, no less. A dress can become a pillow, and background – conventional mattress.

Now Daria is preparing to release a full project, which in the photos show people’s life in isolation. However, photographers are sure, even after the quarantine trend on the web of the shooting will not disappear. Now pictures in home interiors fall on the cover of fashion magazines, and in future it can turn into full-fledged direction.

And these new business formats now more and more. One of the most popular web services – online-parse wardrobe. The client shall fill in the proposed questionnaire, it is possible to reflect the main suggestions to the style, send pictures of things and gets further recommendations.

One analysis of the wardrobe can take up to two to three days. So much preparation time I had, but I asked the stylist to give me a quick advice. For half an hour we postponed things, the style of which is now irrelevant. And built a full-fledged way in the office with colourful accessories can be quickly converted into evening.

Well, while the adults are busy sorting out the closet, occupation in the quarantine are for children. To help relieve parents can online-nurse. For video it will hold a full lesson: in this child will develop assaanya and unusual games, and even a little physical activity in front of the computer. Special courses in this area launched the service of “Grandma for an hour”. One of the nannies of the project, Nadezhda Zagorskaya, shall, at the beginning of online communication with a child was feared: he was afraid not to find a contact. But now no doubt that “udalenke” — a new milestone in her profession.

In the future, online nanny can become a separate specialization. And along with other new professions to take their place in the labour market. Online fitness trainer, online psychologist online the chef, who together with you will prepare the food no worse than at the restaurant. Despite a General decline in labour market, now the recruiters say more and more interest of the business and clients to new forms of interaction.

Experts believe that as the business adapts to new conditions – will largely determine its success in the future. Even after lifting restrictions for work offline, a trend on safety and social distance is not going anywhere.