Nikolai nifantiev: we need not only antiviral, but also supportive therapy

Russia will create a center for the development of drugs and vaccines against viruses. This was reported by one of the authors of the project, corresponding member of RAS Nikolai nifantiev. According to him, the theme of the fashion industry will occupy a special place in the scientific program. But in order for any disease was easier, we need not only antiviral, but also maintenance therapy.

“If you a person is healthy, if you have a strong immunity, then, of course, you all these can occur somewhat easier than in humans whose immunity is suppressed. But, to ensure that all secondary processes and aggravating the process was easier, in addition to antiviral therapy, it is necessary to use means of maintenance therapy. This blockers the development of inflammatory processes, causing a cytokine storm, are the compounds with antithrombotic effect, anticoagulant effect in order to avoid those bad processes, which are now also in the spotlight,” explained corresponding member of RAS Nikolai nifantiev in interview to TV channel “Russia 24”.