Offices, theatres, aircraft: how real is poslegarantijnoe

CPS has developed rules for all organizations that are wholly or partially resumed work.

first and foremost the employer needs to leave for remote work staff members due to coronavirus at risk: people older than 65 years with chronic diseases, reduced immunity and pregnant women.

In the office need to limit contact between employees.

Also it is recommended for employers to place employees in separate offices on different floors – so that in one room of 50 square meters worked no more than 5 people at a time, or to organize the work in shifts.

If the company has a dining room, need to schedule visits by staff in different time

If there is no dining room, it is necessary to provide workers access to the sink for hand washing with soap dispenser with antiseptic, told the TV channel “Russia 24”, the official representative of the Center to monitor the situation with coronavirus, the chief physician of Moscow municipal clinical hospital No. 71 Alexander Myasnikov.

on the Eve of how can be arranged the seats for spectators in the theatres when it again becomes possible, said the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova.

She reported that CPS will be discussed the so-called checkerboard pattern of Seating, when tickets are sold in odd number at odd places and in even – numbered row in the even places.

the Ministry of culture believe that the reduction in the number of tickets sold on their value will have no effect, transfers TV channel “Moskva24”.

However, the Director of the Maly theatre Tamara Mikhailova, for example, noted that the seats for spectators in the theatres in a staggered manner will hurt the income.

in addition, in comments to RIA Novosti, she admitted that there is limited Seating in a checkerboard pattern.

“what to do with the couple or with the family?” – said Mikhailov expressed hope that by the beginning of the theater season, a situation coronavirusm improved, and the CPS will change its stringent requirements.

To review the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor about filling planes is not more than half and I hope the airlines as the profitability of the flight is possible only at boot liner for 72-75 percent.

As previously reported, if the Agency will insist on this requirement, ticket prices will soar, and some flights (especially local and regional airlines) will be reduced.