Overturned trucks and broken trees as the storm battered Stavropol

What are the consequences of the storm in the Stavropol territory.

the Wind easily pushed off the road and overturned in a ditch 17-ton truck. His driver was not injured. From the cab of the machine standing it looked like rain. Next storm waited out the other cars. Emergency stops were no signs of trouble.

the Body is empty, that the sail met the wind, says the Kostroma Yuri. With this element it is found for the first time. After five hours of rescue operation unfolded in front of his truck.

last evening from the captivity of roadside rescuers freed at least a dozen trucks. They fell under the pressure of the wind, which brought to the South of the storm front. This section of the highway “Caucasus” is a crosswind. The approach of bad weather was reported in advance, but, as always,
element many by surprise, that is in the way.

Social network filled with video reports about the storm and the hail. No injuries were reported. The wind broke some trees. Somewhere briefly disconnect the power supply.

the Day of the rescue operation to lift the overturned truck ended. Traffic on the motorway again working. The sun came out, but the next day is here again waiting for the rain.