Physicians were obliged to provide the relatives of the dead documents about the course of treatment

the constitutional court ruled: medical organizations must provide documentation of the course of treatment and the causes of death to the relatives of the deceased patient. The court is urged to resolve this issue in Russian legislation.

While Russia’s constitutional court added that the right of relatives is to copy all the documents on paper and also get digital copies of them, if the data was in electronic form. The refusal of the relatives may be followed only in one case: if the deceased in his lifetime had forbidden to disclose information that constitutes a medical secret.

the constitutional court’s Decision rendered in the appeal rimmy Svechnikova. He died in Israel where he received treatment. After the death of Israeli doctors suggested that the death of the man led to the wrong treatment in Russia. In Russia, the husband of Svechnikova treated in the Kirov research Institute of Hematology and blood transfusion of the Federal medical-biological Agency. But the doctors of the Institute refused to grant the widow of the medical records citing patient confidentiality.

violations of the refusal of the Prosecutor’s office found. Refused to oblige research institutes to disclose information to the widow of the deceased, and courts of General jurisdiction in Kirov. The appeal was not accepted and the Supreme court of Russia. So the case went to the constitutional court. The court decided to review the decisions of the courts of General jurisdiction.