Prepared in advance: where killed in Moscow took the money and weapons permit

the city inspectors continue to understand the details of the scary incident, which occurred Thursday, June 18, in the street Priorova in Moscow. Recall Sevastian Putintsev came to the apartment of his friend, killed three people, including a young child, and then committed suicide. Still the question remains: why close assassin did not notice that he is preparing a crime? As Putintsev acquired the weapons and how got to it permission?

Footage shot by a surveillance camera, now partially shed light on the circumstances of a shocking murder in an apartment on the North of Moscow. They were sealed likely the culprit Sevastian Putintsev a few days before the incident — he buys a future gun crime.

In the video, a young man in medical mask holding a cellophane package yellow. Next on the table is a carbine “saiga”. The young man takes it in his left hand, and neatly placed in plastic packaging, then carefully puts the weapon in a black box, adjusting the edge of the pack and closes it. Further Sevastian gets out of the backpack documents and a small sheet of paper, apparently a check for payment.

In the trunk of a car likely killer forensic experts found that black cardboard box with the words “Own a gun responsibly”. Green Chrysler Sevastian Putintsev left just 50 metres from the house where lived one of his victims, ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Hlubina. The camera of external video surveillance makes it clear that the killer took no more than 15 minutes to prepare the weapon. Here he parks his car, goes out and transplanted in the back seat. After some time the young man returned to the driver’s seat. What was he thinking in that moment, no one knows. But, apparently, having prepared for the fateful meeting, he again opens the back door, picks up your Arsenal and confidently goes to the door of the flats. It is evident that he has bto cover, resembling a guitar case. Rather, it “saiga”, which Putintsev first dealt with those who were in the apartment with the lady, her mother and nephew, and then killed himself.

“First I heard a loud popping noise, like breaking doors. Were strong blows on the metal. It seemed to me that breaking through the door. For two or three shots were screeching women,” shared an eyewitness.

Elizabeth of Hlopina model held internships in the fashion houses of Moscow. Sevastian Putintsev — failed sociologist, a dropout in the University. Rumor has it, an unemployed young man a few years was in a relationship with Elizabeth Glubinoi, but the couple broke up. This man could not survive — has tried to improve relations, but behaved strangely — arranged the real show under the Windows of his beloved.

“that’s social well-being, the availability of education, work, career, goals do, to which he walked, that is what protects a person from jealousy. Jealousy is a powerful natural animal feeling it can easily knock a person to the level of inappropriate behavior,” commented psychologist Andrew Zberovsky.

it is Noteworthy that the footage, taken in the apartment of Elizabeth Glubinoi after the massacre, you can see the flowers on the floor. Putintsev came to the entrance without a bouquet.

the city Prosecutor’s office of Moscow has put control of the progress and results of the investigation of the criminal case initiated under part 2 of article 105 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation — murder of two and more persons. in addition, the prosecution will be checked the performance of the officials responsible for the requirements of the legislation on licensing and permitting work in the sphere of turnover of weapon, including a license control on the results. Now it is one of the important questions that we must answer in the investigation: who and on what grounds gave Putintseva permission to possess firearms? And license, according to the purchase history of the gun store, the man was really specified a series and number. Interestingly, in addition to the “Saiga” 2 Jun Sevastian also acquired a traumatic pistol 45 caliber Rubber ammunition.

“This citizen owned a gun legally. Permit to acquire weapons in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation”, — said the official representative of Regardie Valery Gribakin.

Regardie, which issues licenses and permits for the weapons, we explained that Putintsev has received all the necessary documents for the purchase of the “Saiga” shortly before the visit to the gun shop. It was like he was preparing for something.

“For receiving permission it is necessary to pass the psychiatrist and the mental hospital test of mental poise. The subsequent test of psychological resistance, the dependence of the citizen on legislation will take place only after five years. During this time in his life can happen, anything”, — said General Director of the private security company Victor Puchkov.

the Brutal murder of three people once again forced to talk about the quality of supervision of gun owners, and about the medical approach to those wishing to obtain a gun. Perhaps is harder to filter out suspicious candidates.

“it is Clear that the offender has paid and received a certificate. This, of course, unacceptable. Why is this even possible and no action was taken in order to stop this? Regardie oversees the issuance of permits. If our colleagues and friends need some sort of assistance, we are ready to provide it”, — said the Deputy of the state Duma of Russia Mikhail Starshinov.

what means the unemployed to buy weapons (new “saiga” can cost about 80 thousand rubles), then you might meet the parents the alleged killer. They were divorced, for each incident is also a personal tragedy that is difficult to explain.

the Mother and father Sebastian Putintseva still has a long Association with law enforcement. Investigators have seized computer of their son. The data may be able to reconstruct how the relationship Sebastian and Elizabeth, and the last days of their lives. Meanwhile, neighbors and all concerned residents bring flowers and toys to the house in the North of Moscow.