Dr. Alexander Myasnikov commented on the low mortality from COVID-19 in Russia. Previously, he called it a “Russian miracle”. According to him, the exact reasons he does not know.

“If we can find out what’s going on, then maybe the world will find a cure or a weapon against COVID-19. There’s something here I don’t know what. Maybe that BCG may be, our microbiome, the level of vaccination”, — said butcher in an interview with Vladimir Solovyov on his YouTube channel.

he Also stressed that in Russia, the statistics are very strict with the numbers, no one plays.

the doctor butchers have listed what is not in the West, but is in Russia. First and foremost, it is of great hospitals in General. We have a lot more beds per capita, which allows patients to disperse at different venues, without creating a nosocomial infection.

Another likely reason, according to doctors, is that in Russia is less than nursing homes, for example, than in Italy. However butcher believes that it cannot explain the “ten times lower mortality”.

In Russia, the number of infected exceeded 317 thousand, 3099 patients died, about 93 thousand were cured.