Spat and waved their fists: woman attacked students in the locker room

the Resident of Pskov decided to arrange a showdown with the students who allegedly smashed the phone to her daughter. To do this, the woman burst into the locker room with students and staged a riot. Now it is brought to administrative responsibility.

according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the incident occurred on January 14. To school a woman was allowed to pass by the janitor, as she showed her passport and said she wanted to talk to one of the teachers. As a result, the mother of one of the students broke into the boys ‘ locker room. There’s a woman stated that someone from the teenagers broke the window of her daughter’s phone, students spat at and threatened with physical violence, demanding reparations. Besides, the inhabitant of Pskov showered minor profanity, waving his fists in front of their faces.

according to RIA Novosti news Agency referring to the representative of GU Ministry of internal Affairs of the Pskov region, information about the incident was received from the medical institution, and where was one of the disciples, the boy received was from the woman kicked in the stomach.

currently, the inhabitant of Pskov brought to administrative responsibility for causing of a beating and disorderly conduct.

according to “Pskov information Agency”, the city authorities responded to the incident. The Deputy head of administration of Pskov Alexander Konovalov instructed to strengthen control over the throughput mode in educational institutions. In addition, to work with the situation connected psychologists.