The death toll in the earthquake in Eastern Turkey increases

In the East of Turkey there were two strong earthquakes in a row. The first a magnitude of 6.8. After 13 minutes, a magnitude of 5.4. According to preliminary data, 18 people were killed and over 550 injured. Rescuers are trying to get from-under blockages of 30 people.

the First quake took place on Friday at 20:55 Moscow time. This was followed by others, but their power was less. Seismologists said the tremors were felt in other provinces of the country, as well as in Israel, Iraq and Syria.

Minister of internal Affairs of Turkey reported that the collapsed multi-storey building.

the Russian Embassy in Turkey said that at the moment they have no information about the victims or the dead Russians.

In the affected areas sent more than a thousand tents and nine thousand blankets. Work 493 rescue teams from 28 Turkish provinces.