The head of the Ministry of health called safe on a coronavirus regions

the Situation with coronavirus in Russia as a whole is controllable, said the Russian Minister of health Michael Murashko in an interview Naila Asker-zade in the broadcast channel “Russia 24”. The Minister noted that in each region need to heed the advice of physicians and the regional headquarters to combat the spread of coronavirus. Regional headquarters familiar with the situation in a specific territory, provide very “reasonable, good, high-quality advice”, concluded the head of Department and advised people to listen to the recommendations that affect the safety and life.

“to Hear them at this point is the issue of security of each,” said Murashko added that at the moment, still need to observe the rules of hygiene and to abide by the limitations which are recommended to the public.

In response to the question about the regions, where there has been a more favorable situation, the Minister of health in the first place called Tyumen oblast, and noted the good results of the restrictive measures in Moscow.