The seventh-grader became pregnant by a 10 year old boy: SK checks

Investigators in the Krasnoyarsk Krai and the Republic of Khakassia are checking on the fact of pregnancy thirteen-year-old girl diagnosed doctors hospital of Zheleznogorsk. According to the results of investigation will be a procedural decision, according to the website of the Department.

Earlier in mass media there was information according to which thirteen-year-old girl allegedly became pregnant by a boy of ten. According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the children study in different schools (she’s in seventh grade, he in the fourth). The pregnancy the girl is a little less than two months.

pediatrician Nikolai Skorobogatov from Krasnoyarsk commented on this situation. According to him, the case is doubtful and the likelihood of such incident is 50: 50. This is possible theoretically. The doctor believes that the boy could “just show up” because the child will be nothing, and blame the other.

In school, girl, this confirmed the information and said that in 2018 the family of the teenager have been put on record as being in socially dangerous situation. This is not due to the fact that parents lead asocial way of life. The reason lies in the other — the girl’s mother is seriously ill.

Deputy Director told the school that the family allegedly decided to keep the baby. Currently she is under medical supervision.

Earlier it was reported about a pregnant 14-year-old girl in the Chelyabinsk region.