The vets said, Pets can infect hosts of the coronavirus

In China because of the forced hospitalization of people were abandoned Pets. But somebody deliberately getting rid of Pets, believing that they are the carriers of the coronavirus. Who and how rescues cats and dogs from starvation?

Every morning, Do the Fan starts with the search for Pets who urgently need help. After thousands of residents of Wuhan have been in hospitals with the coronavirus, their Pets left locked in apartments and now also on the verge of life and death.

the Rescue operation, volunteers from Wuhan animal protection Center carried out in all districts. And well, if you managed to get the key. But how to get to the apartment, when the whole city under quarantine and forbidden to move? Sometimes the utilities agree to pick locks.

the day E Czisny able to visit more than 60 locations. And the list — and it’s those owners who were able to get in touch, — 700. At the same time without supervision — estimate the animal welfare activists in Wuhan now 30 to 50 thousand malnourished animals.

Now a Guinea pig Saosin full. In front of the door for dinner and left the cabbage. Every day volunteers deliver up to 200 pounds of feed. But don’t have time to help everyone.

What will happen to animals like fugitives, it is better not to imagine. After it became known that the source of infection of the coronavirus could be wild animals — pangolins and bats, which are sold in the local market — the local authorities in some Chinese provinces demanded a catch all in a row: both cats and dogs. But the world health organization for Pets already stood up.

vet clinics In Beijing are tired of the rumours that Pets can be a source of spread of the virus. Yes, animals get sick too, but a lethal infection to man is not transmitted.

Dr. Gong Haohan shows how to properly handle the dogs paws after each walk. Personal care in epidemics is compulsory not only for human. Here in zoomagthe Azin disinfectant solutions — sales hit. And protective masks. But they, in spite of the biting rate, in terms of rubles is about five hundred, is not found.

However, the anti-tomado vets looked skeptical. “Of course, you can wear a mask for her dog, but only if she’ll allow it. In General, it is for her a great deal of stress. And if you do this to her better?” – said one of the veterinarians.

Your contribution to the fight against the epidemic animals is also made. In the laboratories, where he created a vaccine against the coronavirus that has already started tests on mice.