In Scotland discovered the monolith with the image of a Pictish warrior in

a team of archaeologists has recreated the image of a man on an ancient monolith that was found in Scotland. It turned out that on the stone is carved a warrior with a spear. But researchers are most interested in not for this fact, and the fact that the man was difficult and very unusual for those times hair.

In September 2017 builders clearing land for the construction of a new road, found in the North-Western part of the city Perth in Scotland monolith. The altitude of the findings was 1.9 meters and a width of 0.7 meters. On one side was carved a human figure holding a spear.

the surface of the stone was in poor condition, and the part of the pattern is significantly worn. But with the help of three-dimensional visualization and a technique called photogrammetry, archaeologists have been able to restore the original appearance of the monolith.

Experts do not know exactly whether the soldier depicted naked or dressed, but the two lines on his ankles may indicate the presence of shoes or snug pants.

Next to the stone was located the ring ditch. Maybe the monolith was part of a burial.

the Researchers also found that the carvings were executed by the Picts – the earliest known peoples that inhabited Scotland. According to some estimates, the Romans gave him the name of the Picts (“painted people”) because of their tattoos or war paint of its representatives.

In the late Roman period the Picts helped to defend the territory of modern Scotland from the numerous attacks of the Romans. Therefore, in the early middle ages war was an important part of life and lifestyle of the Picts.

“Thanks to historical records and poetry, we know that warrior is the most important part of the society, a Central part of the government,” said Dr. Gordon noble (Gordon Noble) from the University of Aberdeen.

interestingly, found a monolith was the third such discovery in this area. But there are various other Pictish stones on which were carved animals or abstract symbols.

a Recent find to complement the exhibition of the Museum of the cityand Perth in Scotland.

Scientific article on the results of the study published in Antiquity.

it is Worth noting that in the UK any construction can potentially lead to sensational discoveries. So under a Parking lot in Leicester found the remains of king Richard III, and excavation of Parking in Godalming and had been turned into an archaeological Thriller.

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