Widow Zakharov spoke with investigators: new details in the investigation of accidents

relatives of Sergey Zakharov, who was killed in an accident with the actor Ephraim, was invited to talk to the Main investigation Department of internal Affairs in Moscow to determine their status in the criminal case. Widow Zakharov and his brother arrived accompanied by a lawyer.

the widow of the deceased in an accident with Mikhail Efremov in the Main investigation Department (GSU) of the Metropolitan police arrived by car lawyer together with his son. This is the first visit to the investigator. To meet before Margarita Zakharova couldn’t — was busy with the funeral of the mother. Accompanied by one of the employees of the bar Association Alexander Dobrovinsky they silently entered the building, and have not answered the journalists ‘ questions.

the Conversation with the investigator lasted several hours. Details have not officially disclosed, but it is possible that the questions were related to the procedural status of relatives in a criminal case.

Soon, the building management appeared and the brother of the victim Valery Zakharov. He first was recognized as a victim immediately after the initiation of the criminal case on the fatal accident. Valery repeatedly communicated with the investigator. This time he came here to request the inclusion of his mother in the official list of victims. However, requests to make an exception and carry out all procedural steps with her so that the older woman did not come to Moscow, after all she lives in the Ryazan region, and health are unimportant.

I came on his own initiative to file a petition for recognition of the victim’s mother, to her less the way to go.

– How does it feel?

– As you will see – crying… anyone who comes in, crying.

Previously, the victims in these walls already visited actor Mikhail Efremov. A few days ago, the employees of the FSIN took him from his home in Plotnikov pereulok, where he is serving house arrest.

Neighbors say you lost weight and stopped drinking! How do you feel?

I can’t answer your questions because I have house arrest!

Ephraim was taken to ZDmanagement of GSU. There on “Lexus” without registration number came to the actor’s lawyer Elman Pashayev. Uncomfortable questions were trying to fend the truth, is not very ethical.

‘ Tell me, Efremov will be questioned in the drug trade or by accident?

Is what you’re doing – drugs?

once in the blood of Ephraim was discovered alcohol and drugs, the police opened a criminal case about the sale of illicit substances, trying to figure out who Efremov purchased it. In a deranged state he caused an accident on 8 June. In his car, he crossed the double line and crashed into a van of the courier of Sergey Zakharov. Efremov had difficulty pronouncing words and did not quite understand the seriousness of the situation.

– People were injured.

– I will cure him!

the Investigation will now have to decide on the final list of victims in the criminal case. It became known that such procedural status awarded to the widow of Sergey Zakharov, their son, and brother of the deceased. If a similar decision will accept and respect his mother, employees of GSU, probably, will go to the Ryazan region to interview the elderly woman.

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