Without a pass anywhere: Muscovites return to the usual rhythm of life

Since June 9, Muscovites can once again freely move around the city. Digital passes are no longer needed, the schedule of trips cancelled, and for the elderly and beneficiaries unblocked social card. After two months of inactivity, the beauty once again accept clients.

After the next easing of restrictions the capital is gradually returning to the usual rhythm of life. On the roads in morning rush hour began to form the tube, from which the townspeople during a pandemic have already forgotten.

More people on public transport. The newly earned social security cards. Beneficiaries can now exercise their right to free travel. Stations began to sell not only the card, but ordinary single tickets. To restore the validity of unused travel tickets will be June 12. In addition, urban transportation is again possible to pay by credit card.

as usual earned the car sharing. Machines are thoroughly disinfected. In the cabin — kits with gloves and sanitizers.

– All have to go to work, all the houses slowly going crazy. We support. Just do to comply with health standards — distance, mask, gloves.

Muscovites began to walk in all city parks.

– Mask mode support?

– Yes.

– half a meter distance should be observed.

– We are together. As well know. In the store stand out of everyone’s way.

Already opened hairdressing and beauty salons. In the salons also strengthened security measures at the entry of each test the temperature of the room is regularly treated

Also earned a shop, a veterinary clinic, and employment agencies. From June 16 to open libraries, museums and exhibition halls. A week — restaurants, fitness clubs, swimming pools, playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment. And resume river navigation, including for tourists.

Text: “Vesti-Moscow”