In museums in masks, to the concerts in September: recommendations for cultural institutions

After the opening of museums and Museum-reserves, visitors and staff should be wearing masks and gloves and to observe social distance. This recommendation was prepared by the CPS and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, reports “Interfax”.

Museums need to carry out sanitization of the exhibition halls, install protective screens in places of interaction with visitors, and provide smart routing — if possible separate entrances and exits.

Employees and visitors will need to stay in the premises wearing masks and gloves, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters.

the Agency recommends that museums to refuse to conduct tours for tourist groups, but they will be able to conduct individual tours and tours for groups of no more than five people.

after the Guides every viewer will handle disinfectants, headphones for them to be disposable.

it is good to sell tickets to the museums in electronic form and their check to carry out in a contactless manner.

the Resumption of concert activity in Russia is expected in September. The Ministry of culture said that it is currently preparing recommendations for the rehearsals for the Philharmonic halls and concert organizations.