The order of the government to stay at home amid the pandemic isn’t easy to follow. With the number of people in the country who lost their jobs, people are eager to reopen the economy. Those who couldn’t take this order decided to get out on the streets and protest. It’s a dangerous act that could place everyone else in danger.

The problem is that even if the government wants to reopen the economy, it’s not easy to do. Even the advisers are advising against the swift reopening of the economy. The current reopening guideline set by the government makes it impossible for the country to reopen soon. It’s a time with increasing cases of infections, and the figures don’t look great so far. As such, it seems like the stay at home order will remain for a long time.

Before you complain and get more anxious, you have to understand the reason why you need to stay at home. Several experts agree that the only way to prevent the transmission of the virus without a vaccine is to remain apart. Instead of you doing it in a negative light, you have to make the most of it. You don’t always get an order to stay at home. Now that you have the chance, you have to oblige.

Enjoy your family

If you have always been working hard to provide for your family, now is your chance to take a good rest. Spend more time with your children. You also have to eat with your family regularly. You can even spend time to talk to your children and ask about their dreams and aspirations. You were too busy with work, and you couldn’t even have a small talk with your children. Since you’re at home, you have to enjoy their presence and have lovely conversations with them.


You’re lucky to be at home

You might think that it’s a punishment for you to be at home right now. The truth is that you’re too lucky because you don’t have to go out of your home. Others have to risk their lives to be on the front lines. Medical professionals have to work around the clock so that they can help those who got infected with the virus. People working in grocery stores and those who deliver food to houses have to work hard as well. You even have enough savings to provide food for your family while you’re at home. Others don’t have the same luxury that you do. Before you start to complain, you have to think about those who are in a more difficult situation than you.

You’re not in a terrible spot now even if your mind tells you that you are. You have lots of reasons to be grateful. Head to your shower room now and have a relaxing shower. You can even invest in a walk in shower enclosure and think about how lucky you are.