he looks at his cell phone, not a Smartphone, an old model. It’s a text that conjures up the 61-Year-old a Smile on the round face. The message to come from his wife or from friends. But from an Ex-detainee, one of his favorites in his long time as a prison officer in Norway.

they Regularly hear from each other. “Some you like less, some more. Like in life out there,“ says Thorbjørn. For 23 years the warden Oldie is already working on Norway’s prison island of Bastoy. “Longer than life”, kids Thorbjørn. 21 years (a life sentence) is the maximum penalty in Norway. Punished, he does not feel, however, to work on Bastoy is a gift for the staff.

In Germany, the defendant in several Federal States, especially, a rise in attacks on prison officers. The Most Recent Example: In Baden-Württemberg. Until the end of September 2018, it came to 24 severe attacks on judicial personnel – that was more than in the entire year of 2017. No wonder that the proportion of early retirements (approximately 50 percent), as well as the Sick are at a high level. FOCUS Online 14 countries, 14 Reporter – solutions, which can be for our society as a model

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guards and prisoners know the name

the escalation of Violence on Bastoy. The relationship between guards and prisoners is good. If you meet on the small, but for a prison, however, large island, greet each other. Most of them know the name. That there are no walls and fences, but all of them together on a picturesque island in the Oslo Fjord life, contributes of course to the positive sentiment.

A prison official has in Norway several roles: He is not only a Keeper, but at the same time a social worker and therapist for the occupants. On Bastoy guards and prisoners take care of together with the cows and sheep on the island. FOCUS Online, A Carriage moves in the direction of the agriculture building

to be able to on the Job work, is an elaborate training necessary. It will take at least two years. Prospective prison officials need to acquire knowledge in the areas of criminology, law, psychology, human rights, and ethics. Above all, the aim is also to inhale the principles of the Norwegian penal system: humanity, normality, and progress – all of which should experience the prisoners in custody, according to the release, re-integrate into society.

humanity – that is, for Thorbjorn is the most important principle of his work. “Treat the prisoners like normal people and then do the same for you,” is Thorbjørns motto. “The detainees respect us, first and foremost, because of our Uniform. But they respect us as a Person.“

The German penal system is struggling with problems, the Least of the Assaults on the prison staff, piled up in several States. There is a lack of staff who is Sick. On the other hand, the prisons in several provinces are jam-Packed, in Baden-Württemberg, the load was not at 100 percent. This is also a high relapse rate of 48 per cent of the German prisoners criminal is due, as a study shows in the order of the Ministry of justice. Where is it better than in Germany? Experts refer to Norway. The relapse rate there, according to the study: 20 percent. Even in the Norwegian high-security is all about prisons, the rehabilitation of the prisoners. FOCUS Online to saw.

Norway’s prison guards to underscores inmates trust

statements, the Ragnar Kristoffersen at our Meeting in his office in Lillestrøm. The gray-haired, slender man is one of the most prolific experts on the topic of the Norwegian prison system, researching the appropriate government authority. He trains at the Academy in Lillestrøm the prison staff of tomorrow. His advice to the guards: “Let know to the prisoners, who you are. This trust pays off. Prisoners are in many ways just people, and people appreciate it enormously if you are familiar with.“ Only by Establishing a personal level, the attendant will not seen as part of the system, but also as a human being.

His Power over the prisoners to take advantage of or to emphasize – for a Keeper that would be a sin, so Kristoffersens Conviction: “Social interaction with the detainees is the best guarantee that they will not attack you.” Weapons would not need the guards, this can even. Social interaction with the inmates for Thorbjorn on Bastoy, even if he has to, of all things, fit in the favorite sports on the island. “In football, I can’t join in, my knee is pretty busted. With the prisoners I games prefer chess.“ FOCUS Online Thorbjorn caresses of the island-horses

When you play a game of chess, he has also developed his close connection to the Ex-prisoner, with whom he is communicating on a regular basis. His protégé was still a Teenager when he wandered in front of a good five years in prison for drug – and violence-related offences. “In other prisons, he was often in Trouble and continues to struggle with drugs. Here he has changed completely. It was great to see.“ Thorbjørns protégé was not the only one who had antipathies towards uniforms, which for many inmates the state apparatus to reflect the wool you take the freedom. This mistrust on the island, many los.

Hardly locked doors

Bastoy is, however, even in the liberal Norwegian System is a special case. “In other prisons, the prisoners, the guards are everywhere, from one door to the next.” This fails in Bastoy the fact that there are hardly any locked doors. The freedom of movement, the prisoners have here is unique. That alone allows for a much more positive jailer-inmate relationship.

the guards enjoy at Bastoy a lot of freedom. “Basically, every employee can get his things as he thinks it’s for the best,” says Thorbjørn. “The context everyone is familiar with, within which you have very much freedom at all.” Very different than in high security prisons. “There, the guards have very strict instructions and rules.” Who can’t stick to rules, but needs to have a lot of experience, the 61-Year-old. He suspected that the guards on Bastoy are above average old.

But the guards, the close relationship also has its downsides. “Some of them tell more than you want to know,” laughs Thorbjørn. And much more difficult: How much proximity to prisoners is at all healthy? “We are employees. No Friends. We must never forget. The prisoners must respect us,“ says the warden. “It’s not easy to find the right Balance,” confirms researcher, Kristoffersen. “The staff has to open as far as possible from the prisoners, but must at the same time not allowing it to close.” His advice to the guards: “Be personal, but not private. You can tell that you have a daughter, but her Name and her school to go to the prisoner.“ FOCUS Online Ragnar Kristoffersen in his office.

guardian Thorbjørn is at night, between 21.30 PM and 7.00 PM, sometimes with only three other keepers on the island for all of the 115 inmates in charge. This is not just from the trust in relation to the detainees, but also because the Norwegian state is turning to the topic of the prison system now Costs. This personnel situation is Thorbjørn. He hopes that it goes downhill. “We make the Best of it,” he says. “The best prison in the world, but we are anyway.” “14 countries, 14 Reporter”: All of the stories from Norway mobile, beach, own houses: Norway sends killer on the dream island – and has a flagship so that the success of”Happy occupant of the world”: The secret behind Norway’s prison dump prison without bars and locks: Why Norway’s Lars feel the guards still wanted to murder in a drug – after eight years in prison companies to tear him to Germany, many prisoners reoffending: 5 reasons why this is in Norway, anders

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